Group picture 03/13/2011

Expert in nothing but curious of almost everything, Damien likes cooking, walking with his dog, growing plants, hunting mushrooms, juggling, knitting, drawing, going to cinema and reading books. Birthdate: 17 December 1976 Age: 40 Nationality: French Current position: 1st class Professor at...
Mathieu is expert in microfluidics, physical chemistry, biophysics, and synthetic biology.
Sergii is an expert in DNA, RNA, surfactants, and nanoparticles. Fan of hard rock music, Sergii can speak about 7 languages.
Bettina is our specialist in cell-free expression systems and droplet microfluidics
Caroline is our expert in all kinds of DNA folding: from compaction to origamis!
Jacopo is our expert in opto- and magnetofluidics
Emmanouil, aka Manos, is expert in optics, fluidics and polymer sciences. Personal Information Name: Emmanouil (Manos) Anyfantakis personal website:   Nationality: Greek Place of birth: Heraklion, Crete, Greece Date of birth: 6th February 1984...
Tomo is our expert in drop drying and coffee-ring effect
Shunsuke is our expert in giant liposomes and membrane phase separation phenomena

Li Zhou, Post-Doc 11/10/2015

Li is our expert in regulated DNA hybridization/melting: single-stranded, duplex and even quadruplex DNA!

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