We actuate with light & magnets, we fold & unfold DNA, we cell-free express proteins, we play with drops, marbles & interfaces, we organize particles, we harness coffee rings.

Caroline Rossi-Gendron, PhD3

Caroline is our expert in dynamic DNA nanotechnology!

Birthdate: 22 August 1991
Age: 25
Nationality: French
Current position: PhD student (2nd year) at University Pierre and Marie Curie - Paris 6 (UPMC)
Affiliation: Department of Chemistry, Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS)
24, rue Lhomond, F75005 Paris, France
Email :

• 2015- today: PhD student at the ENS, Paris under the supervision of Damien Baigl
• 2014-2015: « Agrégation de Sciences Physiques, option chimie », national rank: 10 th
French highly competitive exam for the recruitment of secondary school and university teachers
• 2013-2014: Master 2, major : “Molecular Chemistry” (UPMC / ENS)
• 2012-2013: Master 1, major : “Chemistry” 
• 2011 - 2012: Licence 3, major: “Chemistry” (ENS)
• 2009 - 2011: Classes préparatoires PCSI-PC* (Lycée Pothier, Orléans)
Intensive course to prepare for the competitive entrance examinations to French engineering schools 
• 2009: Baccalauréat Général Scientifique, obtained with high distinction (Lycée Charles Péguy, Orléans)
Majors : Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology
European Option: German

Research experience

• October 2015-today: PhD in Damien Baigl’s team at the Department of chemistry of the ENS (Paris)
- Photocontrol of DNA origami formation and melting.
• 2014: 5-month internship in Bernold Hansenknopf's team at the IPCM (UPMC - Paris)
Synthesis and study of switchable molecular tweezers.
• 2013: 5-month internship in Bernhard Keppler's team at the Department of chemistry of the University of Vienna (Austria)
Synthesis and characterization of Ru(II)-arene complexes featuring bioactive flavonol-derived ligands.
• 2012: 2-month internship in Virginie Vidal's team at Chimie ParisTech (Paris)
Palladium-catalyzed enantioselective synthesis of chiral allenes.
• 2011: 1-month internship in Damien Baigl’s team at the Department of chemistry of the ENS (Paris)
- Synthesis of photosensitive polyamines for the reversible photocontrol of genomic DNA conformation.


2. B. Doistau, C. Rossi-Gendron, A. Tron, N. D. McClenaghan, L-M. Chamoreau, B. Hasenknopf, G. Vives, Switchable Platinum-Based Tweezers with Pt–Pt Bonding and Selective Luminescence Quenching. Dalt. Trans. 2015, 44, 8543–8551.

1. A. Venancio-Marques, A. Bergen, C. Rossi-Gendron, S. Rudiuk, D. Baigl, Photosensitive Polyamines for High-Performance Photocontrol of DNA Higher-Order Structure. ACS Nano 2014, 8, 3654–3663.


JMC15  Conference on condensed matter in Bordeaux, France (talk)


JSPS Summer Program 2017   2,5 months fellowship (june - august 2017) in Prof. Sugiyama's team in Kyoto (Japan)