Anna Venancio, PhD3

Monday, March 14th 2011

Anna is expert in vitro gene expression, photocontrol, and giant vesicles. She is now discovering microfluidics!

(Photo by S. Rudiuk)
(Photo by S. Rudiuk)

Birthdate: 7 February 1986
Age: 26
Nationality: French
Current position: PhD student (2nd year) at University Pierre and Marie Curie - Paris 6 (UPMC)
Affiliation: Department of Chemistry, Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS)
24, rue Lhomond, F75005 Paris, France
Email :


• 2011- today: PhD student at the ENS, Paris under the supervision of Damien Baigl
• 2010-2011: Master 2, major : “Chemistry” (ENS Lyon)
• 2009 - 2010: « Agrégation de Sciences Physiques, option chimie », rank 5 th
French competitive exam for the recruitment of secondary school and university teachers
• 2008-2009: Master 1, major : “Chemistry” and “Physics and Chemistry of Biological Systems”
• 2007 - 2008: Licence 3, major: “Chemistry” (ENS Lyon)
• 2007 - 2004: Classes préparatoires PCSI-PC* (Lycée Kléber, Strasbourg)
intensive course to prepare for the competitive entrance examinations to French engineering schools
• 2004: Baccalauréat Général Scientifique, obtained with highest distinction (Lycée International des Pontonniers, Strasbourg)
Majors : Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
International Option: English

Research experience

September 2011-today: PhD in Damien Baigl’s team at the Department of chemistry of the ENS (Paris)
- DNA compaction by photosensitive surfactants
- DNA stars
- Microfluidic mixing
- Digital optofluidics

January to July 2011: 6-month internship in Damien Baigl’s team at the Department of chemistry of the ENS (Paris)
- Photocontrol of enzymes in a biomimetic environment

May to August 2009: 3-month internship in Christopher Chang’s team at the Department of chemistry of UC Berkeley (California, USA)
- Fluorescent molecular probes to detect superoxyde

June to July 2008: 2-month internship in POM4 team at the Department of chemistry of the ENS Lyon
- Molecular engineering of optical properties of cathecol derivatives

July 2005: 1-month internship in Volker Schadler’s BASF team at ISIS Laboratory (Strasbourg)
- Dispersions of superhydrophobic polymers


L'Oréal France- UNESCO "For women and Science" award (program for PhD candidates)


8. A. Venancio-Marques, D. Baigl, Digital Optofluidics: LED-Gated Transport and Fusion of µL-Sized Organic Droplets for Chemical Synthesis, Langmuir, 2014, in press

7. A. Venancio-Marques, A. Bergen, C. Rossi-Gendron, S. Rudiuk, D. Baigl, Photosensitive Polyamines for High-Performance Photocontrol of DNA Higher-Order Structure, ACS Nano , 2014, in press

6. Y.-J. Liu, G. P. R. Hansen, A. Venancio-Marques, D. Baigl, Cell-free preparation of functional and triggerable giant proteoliposomes, ChemBioChem , 2013, 14, 2243-2247

5. S. Rudiuk, A. Venancio-Marques, G. Hallais, D. Baigl, Preparation of one- to four-branch silver nanostructures of various sizes by metallization of hybrid DNA-protein assemblies, Soft Matter, 2013, 9, 9146-9152

4. A. Venancio-Marques, F. Barbaud, D. Baigl, Reversible microfluidic mixing triggered by an external LED illumination, J. Am. Chem. Soc , 2013, 135, 3218–3223

3. S. Rudiuk, A. Venancio-Marques, D. Baigl, Enhancement and modulation of enzymatic activity through higher-order structural changes of giant DNA-protein multibranch conjugates, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. , 2012, 51, 12694-12698

2. A. Venancio-Marques, Y.-J. Liu, A. Diguet, T. di Maio, A. Gauthier, D. Baigl, Modification-free Photocontrol of beta-Lactam Conversion with Spatiotemporal Resolution, ACS Synthetic Biology, 2012, 1, 526–531

1. C. Aronica, A. Venancio-Marques, J. Chauvin, V. Robert and G. Lemercier, A Rational Design of Catechol-Based Compounds : An Experimental and Theoretical Study of Optical Properties, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2009, 20, 5047-5055


A. Venancio-Marques, S. Rudiuk, D. Baigl, Structures hybrides ADN-protéines : synthèse et applications, Techniques de l'ingénieur, 2014, in 172


- ERC 2012 Grantees Conference "Frontier Research in Chemistry" in Strasbourg, France (Poster presentation)

- EOSOF 2013 2nd Conference on Optofluidics(Talk)

Work experience
• Teaching assistant at the UPMC Chemistry Department during my PhD
40 hours in PAES (first year medical studies) 24 hours at CAPES and agregation level (practical courses to prepare teaching certificates)
• Oral interrogation in PCSI (chemistry) and BCPST2 (physics and chemistry)
• Tutoring in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology for high school students and post-baccalaureat students


• Pre-baccalaureate level: Textbooks and articles for the two last years of high-school:

3. Article on "peptide synthesis" as a contribution to the educational website "" (2013)

2. Physique Chimie Terminale S, Microméga, Hatier (under the supervision of Jean-François LeMaréchal) (2012)

1. Physique Chimie 1reS, Microméga, Hatier (under the supervision of Jean-François LeMaréchal) (2011)

• Post-baccalaureate level : Graduate engineering school test preparation:

5. Annales des concours 2013 PC, MP and PSI (under the supervision of Mickaël Profeta, publishing house: HK) (2013)

4. Annales corrigées: Agrégation interne de Physique et Chimie, Tome 2 (under the supervision of Alexandre Hérault, publishing house: HK) (2013)

3. Annales des concours 2012 PC, MP and PSI (under the supervision of Mickaël Profeta, publishing house: HK) (2012)

2. Annales des concours 2011 PC (under the supervision of Mickaël Profeta, publishing house: HK) (2011)

1. Carnets des mathématiques tomes 1 et 2, CRDP Alsace (sous la direction d’Emmanuel Bougnol) (2005 & 2006)


French: mother tongue | English: bilingual | German, Portuguese: conversant

Computer skills

Advancer user: Office package (Word, Excel, Powerpoint); Adobe Illustrator 2007; LaTex and TikZ
Intermediate user: Image J, Easychem & Chemdraw, Topspin
Novice user: Adobe series 2007 (Flash Pro, Premiere Pro)

Complementary activities
MBA student: Part of an MBA program "Science and Management" with the Collège des Ingénieurs (Paris, France)

Young researchers' day: Part of the team organising the "Young Researchers' Day" at the Department of Chemistry of the ENS Paris.

Intern supervision: Supervisor for the internships of two university students and one master 2 student.

Damien Baigl

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