We actuate with light & magnets, we fold & unfold DNA, we cell-free express proteins, we play with drops, marbles & interfaces, we organize particles, we harness coffee rings.


Group picture 12/01/2020

From left to right: Barbara, Mathieu, Olivier, Pauline, Damien, Sergii, Farah, Lucie, Marina, Yunzhe and Glen.
No expertise and a lot of curiosity! Current position: Exceptional class Professor (PR EX2, IUF senior) at Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS)...
Mathieu is expert in microfluidics, physical chemistry, biophysics, and synthetic biology.
Sergii is an expert in DNA, RNA, surfactants, and nanoparticles. Fan of hard rock music, Sergii can speak about 5 languages.
Ayako is expert in organ-on-chip, biophysics, microfluidics, bioengineering, reconstituted systems and synthetic cells.
Marina is our expert in DNA and soft biomaterials!
Saikat is working on interfacial rheology, microfluidics and synthetic biology. Email:   Educational background:...

Glen Carter, PhD4 10/01/2019

Glen is our smart-probes expert, exploring new methodologies in molecular diagnostics with DNA intercalators. In particular, he is interested in...
Olivier is our challenging expert in supramolecular DNA-intercalant self-assembly and dynamic photocontrol.
Barbara is developing an innovative bioassay for high throughput antibody screening leveraging droplet microfluidics.

Yunzhe Li, PhD3 11/01/2020

Lucie is working on synthetic gene circuits, combining multi-colour fluorescence imaging, pixel-correlation analysis and thermodynamic modelling...
Clémence is focusing of interface active proteins.
Viswa is working on colloidal crystallization and biomolecular interaction
Kaabir is working on nuclei trapping and microfluidics
Salambô is working on brain-on-chip and tissue engineering

Former members 12/05/2022